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Vicky Deming sells sick & inbred dogs. The dogs & puppies are forced to live in filth.

She lives in a horrible trailer of disarray and broken down filthy kennels. Poor pups & dogs are full of fleas & mites and suffer horrible diseases due to her inbreeding. Stay away from this horrible puppy mill if you want a healthy dog from a sane breeder. The conditions and treatment are deplorable.

Attaching a pic of an older puppy she is proud of. Look how horrible the conditions he's in and how filthy after she claims he was bathed.

Just horrible!! This poor pup goes on to suffer spinal stenosis, hip dysplaysia, among numerous other medical issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Enchanted Dreams Alaskan Malamutes Alaskan Malamute Dog.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Luann D Johnson

351 West Dr, Copiague, NY 11726

Williamstown, New York, United States #1207882

Luann Johnson; Do you have anything else to do? Marcy Legends has paid you more than enough to trash her competition.

Post the vet's name, the test results, the necropsy report and a wavier so we can all speak to your vet to make sure you are an appropriate owner for an animal. and whether or not you are lying here again

to Anonymous Copiague, New York, United States #1210368

No I don't! Freak!


The REAL author of this post is Luann Johnson. Phone number: (631) 626-1264 Location: 351 West Dr, Copiague, NY 11726 Email:

to Anonymous #1289407

***! This is my email

Williamstown, New York, United States #1207380

Post vet bills, xray results and the Vets name! You are such a liar!

Balto is not dead. Why on Earth would you say that about an animal you love? Did you get paid well from Legends Kennels Marcy Legend? How can you live with yourself.

You are a sick and twisted liar Luann Johnson. Phone number: (631) 626-1264 Location: 351 West Dr, Copiague, NY 11726 Email: You will be very sorry for what you have done to people and that dog

Forestport, New York, United States #1203317

and so *** what if I made up an account pretending to be vicky? Nikki, Marcy Legends and Pat Kool are taking all her dogs!

Stevenage, Hertford, United Kingdom #1201328

RE: Max Warnings, Luann Johnson, Always Malamutes, etc. Luann changes identities like we drink water!

I generally do not respond to fake reviews from competitors advertising their kennel but I will make an exception in this case.

Luann Johnson has a track record of injuring and crippling her animals. I have nothing to do with her. Even the Alaskan Malamute Official Fan Page on Facebook sent written confirmation that this dog is not from my kennel.

He's from Legends Kennels Luann Johnson posts clearly. This is an attempt to promote her affiliation and kennel - Legends Kennel.

While I don't believe that Legends sells animals that are crippled, knowing Luann Johnson's reputation now and as she claims co-ownership of Legends malamute kennels, I can see clearly what happened to this dog and her reasons for attempting to destroy all other breeders.

I'm sorry I need to mention this again but I will only place my puppies with people who have gone through my screening process and filled out the Puppy Application and have passed the background check. Anyone with a violent psychiatric past will have to be reviewed before I will allow any puppy of mine go into a home with someone violently unstable. That doesn't mean I won't approve someone who has become stable over time. It simply means that I've been down this road once before and the woman tortured and killed the dog.

I have her name if anyone needs it. Just know that the welfare of my puppies comes first to me.

I am sorry but until things change, I cannot approve you for one of my puppies.

Please see the following links to understand what happened to this dog and why she is trashing all breeders to promote her kennel:

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